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About US
Estrenuo is a small company, founded in 2008,  that provides services related to data management. It does this being tool agnostic while providing a pragmatic approach that adapts to the clients needs and environment.

In the past years, Estrenuo has built a broad social network of professionals that it can rely on for providing the client with the best tailored solutions in the field.


A One Man Show

sander robijns

Principal Consultant

I am working in the Information Technology industry since 1995 and started specialising on data warehousing and business intelligence since 1997.

I am in favour of a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach in finding the right solution, in order to maximise my added value to the organisation, without sacrificing quality.

I keep up with the latest developments in the industry, but don’t jump right into the latest hype. A lot of my clients prefer solutions based on technology that has a least some sort of maturity level.

I have been working in all kinds of organisations with a lot of different people, both regarding the roles they fulfil and their nationality. Even though the industry has a large focus on technology, I mostly fulfil roles that need a lot of interaction with people.