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Today I attended the WhereScape Test Drive that was hosted by Systemation, which recently became a WhereScape partner.

The day started with a keynote by Ronald Damhof, who talked about the push/pull point and his data quadrant. More information about this can be found on his blog.

After that Rob Mellor and especially Frederic Naessens from WhereScape gave details about the product (3D and RED) and did the test drive. In this test drive, you work together with one more attendee and have to partially build a dimensional model in a scrum like matter. I had done this before so it wasn’t that difficult for me.

As it is only a test drive that doesn’t even take all day, you only get an impression of WhereScape RED. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a kind of teaser really.

I wish however that the cases would have evolved more from the previous test drive I had done. You click, drag and drop but are missing a bit what you’re really doing and why. This is partly due to the time constraints of course. But it would have been nice if there was a clear link between Ronald’s presentation and how WhereScape could fit in. To me, it’s obvious that it fits in quadrant I and a little bit in II as well. To my understanding, it is not particularly useful for the other quadrants.

In all, WhereScape is a product that can be very useful but won’t fill in everything. That doesn’t matter because you can still complement it with other tools.

I think Systemation did a good job with the hosting of this relatively small event and am sure they will host even bigger events in the future. A more in depth demo of the possibilities of WhereScape and of its “shortcomings” would be nice…

I want to thank Martin Wallenburg of Systemation for the invitation to attend this test drive.

More info about Systemation can be found here. More info on WhereScape is here.

PS. I’m not affiliated with any of the fore mentioned parties, nor am I paid or sponsored for this post.

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