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Recently Evernote changed the way note links work. Or at least I think they did.

Where previously they followed the evernote://… URL scheme, they now use an https://… URL scheme. And for some reason I can’t get them to open in the desktop app.

I found out that this could be set in the Evernote webclipper settings, but that setting seems to have disappeared as well in at least the Safari version.

Thanks to Frank Meeuwssen there seems to be another possibility to get the note link in the old format that does open in the desktop app. By right clicking on a note and holding down the alt/option key, the context menu changes from “Copy Note Link” to “Copy Classic Note Link”.

However, this only seems to work with the right click context menu and not from the main menu. I want to set a shortcut for copying those classic note link and I couldn’t figure out how to do that with the system wide keyboard shortcut settings (they only seems to work for main menu settings, not for context menus but maybe I’m wrong here).

But I found a workaround. When using AppleScript to tell Evernote to create a note link, you get the classic URL scheme that opens in the desktop app.

When combining this AppleScript with my preferred app launcher Alfred, you can create a nice workflow that allows you to set an application specific (Evernote) hotkey that gets you a classic note link and puts it on the clipboard. This works as well when selecting multiple notes at once in Evernote. Each note link is separated by a line feed.

Feel free to download the Alfred workflow [here.](

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