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 I’m anxious to learn more about the implementation part of a DataVault, something that is not covered in detail in his book “Supercharge Your Data Warehouse”. 

For a while now, Dan Linstedt has annouced that he is working classes that cover the implementation. You can register to be notified about it here.


Unfortunately, I keep receiving emails from that list with all kinds of info about DataVault – but not about the implementation classes – and that I can be notified when the implementation classes are ready. But that’s why I registered in the first place. If I already did, why it that still in the emails that I keep receiving?


Just now, I saw another tweet from him:



Now I find it interesting that he’s working on multiple things, but it would be nice if something actually finishes. The implementation classes are almost ready for production and release. We all know what this means in IT. Either something is ready, or it’s not. “Almost” doesn’t exist…


Dan, get those implementation classes out now. People are waiting for it. You can always finetune them later…


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