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One of the possibilities in the GTD workflow is to delegate an action if there is someone more up to the task than you are, for whatever reason.

However, delegation isn’t always as simple as it looks. Why? I have assembled a few things that I’ve encountered. Please leave your comments if you recognize these or better, if you’ve come across things I haven’t listed. Of course suggestions for improvement are more than welcome as well.

Here is the list of reasons why delegation may be difficult:
– you don’t want to delegate at all, because you can do it better, at least you think you can
– the person you delegate to may think different than you about being the “better” one to handle the action
– the delegated action may not be part of the responsibilities or job description of the person you delegate to
– your “waiting for” list may become very very large and difficult to follow up
– delegating an action to your manager may feel inappropriate
– delegating an action to your peers may feel inappropriate

As you can see, these are just a few of the issues you may encounter when delegating actions. But I’m pretty sure that some of these are recognizable.

A few tips to handle these issues:
– you may be wrong in thinking you are the best to handle it
– keep a clear and current “waiting for” list with all delegated actions
– talk to the persons you delegate to in person of by phone; are they the right ones?
– follow up as much as needed to get your projects going

Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated.

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